My project is about London’s Layers and I decided to make a photo book about London’s architecture. My aim for this project is to inform people about the beauty of the city, how art and architecture combine to create amazing buildings. I think buildings will stay for a long time enough for many generations to see. My message is positive because I’m informing my audience about the buildings but is their choice of how to feel about the architecture. The audience I’m targeting is identified with the two genders and the age range of 15 to 24 years old. Ethnicity wise I am targeting white males and females but from my research shows 1 in 5 people new architects identify as a racial or ethnic minority. “UK architects are 94% white”. My target audiences are architects and art students, people interested in old and new buildings. With this project, I’m specializing in print. It helped me better my skills in taking pictures on different locations I think this project helped me realize that I am very passionate about creating photo books.

The first thing that I researched was a website of a professional photographer which had a section on his website about architecture. I also researched a magazine and its layout because I thought it’s a very close print to what I created. When I was planning which buildings I was going to take pictures of I researched them online, some of which I didn’t took pictures off because I didn’t found them or I saw more interesting buildings on the way. I created a survey which was asking ten people the same questions, this was my primary research and I used Survey monkey website, I screenshotted the results and created a document with the statistics. When thinking further on about my project I made a spider diagram which included name ideas, what equipment I will use and what the size of my photobook will be. My secondary research consists of statistics that I found online about photobooks. I think I planned my product well, here was small inconveniences on the way because when taking the pictures on different locations if I building was catching my eye I will document it but sometimes I didn’t know the name of it and later on editing I had to search it online with google maps. I think I managed my time very good because for two weeks I was only taking pictures which led me to have around 2 weeks to finish my project and still have a week for the evaluation.

The book is for both genders and for people from 15 to 27 years old. The target race is white female and males but a research shows 1 in 5 people new architects identify as a racial or ethnic minority. “UK architects are 94 per cent white”. My target audience are architects and art students, people interested in old and new buildings. The impact my photobook will have on my audience is informative. The photobook will not cost more than 5£ because I want it to be affordable for students and lower class people.

One of the main things that I think will attract my audience is the front cover of my photobook, I wanted the front cover to be colourful that’s why I put all of the pictures used inside, on the front. Inside the photobook I decided to also include text with some of the pictures, I gave a little bit of information about the buildings. I have created a representation of London’s architecture in a positive way, I tried to capture the buildings from every possible angle, and I also used around 4 pictures for each building showing the best sides. Stereotypically London is represented as a modern city but I didn’t captured only modern architecture I photographed historical buildings as well.

Making this product I had to use a camera (Canon EOS 80D DSLR), I decided not to use a tripod because I thought it will be easier when shooting. When editing I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 and for creating the photobooks I used Adobe InDesign CC 2015. I had a few problems with InDesign with numbering the pages and errors with the pictures when the file was lost. I used google and YouTube videos to resolve the problems I had with InDesign. I took a big risk deciding to take pictures of London’s architecture, I had attend many locations and even though they are close to each other, it meant I have to walk a lot. Money wise was not a problem because I used buses so I haven’t paid for travel. I got lucky with the weather because through the weeks I was photo shooting it was a decent weather and it was not raining. I developed my skills of photographing and editing, I very much enjoyed taking pictures on different locations and not in one place like in a photography studio.

The final project matches my initial idea of how I wanted it to look, presenting London’s architecture. I did captured a lot of buildings, old and new which was my main aim for this project. I could improve my project if I had more time with adding more pages, I have a good amount of pictures that I didn’t used and I could have added them inside. Also my photo book is missing an essay about myself and what the photo book is about. One unsuccessful thing about my product is that it could contain more pictures about more buildings.


I decided to show my project to 20 people from the age of 16- 19 years old, both genders equally in numbers. They said the images of my photobook are very clear a good quality, and good use of the camera. The text in the photobook is a good amount, not too much not too little, the size and the font is readable and understandable. My first idea for the photos inside was to have a shadow even though it was liked by my audience I decided to remove the shadow for clearer look. The audience liked how I have taken pictures of each building from different views.







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